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Get the cleanest coins from stock exchanges.
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How does it work?

icon-mixer биткоин миксер
Your money enters our bitcoin mixer where it is made untraceable and sent to stock exchanges
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You receive the anonymized coins of ‘complete anonymity’ mode clients
Complete Anonymity
protected-bitcoin анонимайзер биткоин
Your anonymized coins are split into random parts and sent to the biggest stock exchanges and independent traders
icon-mixer биткоин миксер
You receive clean coins from stock exchanges. This money is unlinkable and resistant to all deanonymization tools

Did you pay with Bitcoin?

They are coming for you…

Most cryptocurrency platforms and payment gateways (Bitpay, Binance, Localbitcoins and others) keep track of your financial activities in order to maintain KYC (Know Your Client) compliance. Blockchain analysis tools by Bitfury, Chainalysis and Elliptic are widely applied to analyze on-chain transactions, reveal the origin of coins, and link your addresses to real world data bases.

Did you just spend your Bitcoins on a gadget with a door-to-door delivery? Or top up your accounts at a stock exchange through a chain of wallets? Make a transfer to Localbitcoins?

That’s it. Your identity has just been disclosed. Those solutions have learnt to map transactions from bitcoin mixers, CoinJoin wallets and mark them as suspicious.

Deanonymization by Bitfury Crystal in action
To maintain financial privacy, we encourage you to use the ‘complete anonymity’ mode which achieves a positive transaction history and maximum robustness against denanonymization attacks

We guarantee

The leading-edge anonymization algorithm in the "Complete anonymity" mode. The best there is.