The team invites all crypto enthusiasts looking to increase their income with low time investment to become our partners. The partner program is designed for:

  • contributors of crypto forums with the “Member” rank or higher and not less than 3 months since the sign-up ;
  • bloggers, admins of crypto-related communities in social media and Telegram chanels;
  • IT, finance and cryptocurrency news websites platforms;

We offer multiple partnership options that are mutually beneficial, require low time investment and promise new opportunity and additional income.

Test-drive our mixing service with the coins we give you

We invite influencers with a reputation and an audience that they can confirm to take our Bitcoin mixer for a spin. We will send your some coins to try out the service as a thank you for taking your time and in exchange for a detailed review.

This is a no-obligation invitation to evaluate our tech and it does not mean you absolutely have to write a review. The money we are going to send will remain in your possession anyway.

Get rewarded for posting, reposting and publishing write-ups with a reference to

Contributors of crypto-related posts.

Spread the word about in your thread, write a review, or republish our blog posts and get paid from 0,3 through $30 per post in BTC.The reward amount varies based on the platform where the reference is placed, your rank and type of posts.

Bloggers,communities in social media, writers for IT, finance and cryptocurrency news platforms.

We at are happy to team up with and sponsor content creators for blogs, communities in social media, and IT, finance and cryptocurrency news websites. Our partners are welcome to place affiliate links in reviews, publish a paid press release/update, or share our blog posts. Besides, our team can help you collect analytics and put together an article with our expert opinion on a cryptocurrency-related subject.


Low quality, slapdash writing/posting for fake audiences in inactive or irrelevant communities will not be sponsored.

How to become a partner:

Reach out to our support team (best done through Jabber with OTR protocol), specify the platform/channel for placement and share your profile details. This will give us an idea of the best partnership option and payment terms.