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Bitcoin mixer Mixer-money.com: a step-by-step guide

инструкция к биткоин миксер

Before sending your money for cleansing, please make sure you understand and accept the basic principles and conditions on which our Bitcoin mixer bases its operation.

1. Choose a mixing mode

Mixer-money.com has 2 operation modes – “Mixer” and “Complete anonymity:

  • “Мixer” is designed for crypto holders looking for quick and inexpensive mixing that does not involve advanced anonymization (which is the case with a lot of other mixing services).
  • “Complete anonymity” features a game-changing Bitcoin mixing algorithm that results in your receiving clean coins from major crypto stock exchanges.

Read more on how these two modes differ here. If the difference is clear, move on to picking the mode that best meets your requirements.

2. Type in your forward-to address(es).

Open a Bitcoin wallet where you intend to store your mixed coins and copy an address (or addresses) where you would want to see your money after the mixing procedure:

Paste this into the fields for receiving addresses on the main page of our Mixer-money.com.

This would be the final destination for your mixed coins in the “Mixer” mode, as well as for clean money from stock exchanges that all users of the “Complete anonymity” mode are entitled to receive.

A few more details and tips on how you should approach the selection of receiving addresses are below.

If a high level of anonymity is not really a concern for you, skip this little instruction and head for step 3.

If you strive to enhance your anonymity on- and off- chain, make use of a small life-hack suggested further which is applicable for any mixer. It is a lot more sensible to use two addresses from two unrelated wallets as your forward-to addresses. Let’s say, pick one address from your Ledger wallet and the other one from your Electrum wallet on your smartphone.

Why bother? If you generate 2 addresses within one wallet, they are likely to make up one output transaction which can be easily tracked down by cluster analysis based tools.

We at Mixer-money.com put technical thought and effort into making our system resistible to cluster analysis. The mixer returns your coins without change and does not allows users to set up the percentage breakdown of the total sum for receiving addresses. Acting otherwise would produce a lot of vulnerabilities in our Bitcoin mixer .

If you intend to send money to an exchange platform right away, make sure your request at this exchange remains valid for a sufficient amount of time (6-7 hours at the least).

Now, you have picked the mode, specified your receiving address(es). Click on “Mix my coins” and you are good to go.

3. Send your bitcoins to the mixer

Once you click «Mix my coins», you will be taken to your order page which reflects:

  • The mode you have selected
  • A BTC address you need to send your coins to
  • A QR-code for sending coins, if you utilise mobile wallets
  • A “Download a letter of guarantee” button (do not overlook this step)
  • A Calculator tool (available only in the Clearnet version. The Tor mirror does not have it)

3.1 Download a letter of guarantee

As you can see in a sample letter below, all terms are clearly stipulated – the address you are supposed to send your coins to, your forward-to address where clean coins will end up, the commission amount and mixing time.

Please always verify letters of guarantee as they are your only valid document in case of any emerging problems or complaints. PGP is a reliable security technology – even if one character of the letter gets changed, the verification will fall through.

More on PGP keys and how to use them for authenticity checks read here.

3.2 Send your BTC to the mixer

Copy the address generated by the system or use the QR-code for a quicker entry.

You request for mixing remains valid throughout 168 hours. This amount of time provides a sense of security when it comes to sending money from other platforms which can delay output transactions.


The mixing process will start only after your transaction is confirmed by the Bitcoin network. Try to set an appropriate miner fee to cut the wait time. If you set a low miner fee, there is a risk your wait time can be extended by several days – the mixing will not start until then.

If your transaction does not get confirmed in a long time, there is still no reason for panic. Just wait or use a transaction accelerator that would include your transaction in the nearest block for a fee.

3.3 Check the total you are going to receive after mixing

Scroll down to the calculator which computes the total after mixing, less our commission. Keep in mind, that our commission varies from one mixing request to another as a counter-measure against volume analysis. The calculator uses the highest commission for computation, so you can count on receiving more than it says you would.

The calculator is available only in the Clearnet version as it uses Javascript. The Tor version doesn’t have Javascript for security reasons.

4. Wait for your BTC to land in your wallet

Mixing timeframes:

  • 0-2 hours in the “Mixer” mode;
  • 0-6 hours in the “Complete anonymity” mode.

Bear in mind that the “Complete anonymity” mode sends your coins back in random chunks (transactions). If you think you are missing some part, wait until the mixing is over. Also, you might want to check this post on How to check the quality of Bitcoin mixing by mixer-money.com.

5. Free trial

You can test-drive our mixer for free. Opt for our free trial and cleanse 0,001 BTC commission-free.

Note: in the free trial mode, your money is returned to one forward-to address only.

6. FAQ

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ – most likely you will see your questions addressed there.